About us

We are a technology development firm delivering lean, optimized solutions for today’s digital business, enabling the kind of engaging user experiences that build strong brand loyalty and economic value.

About us

Who We Are

Since our beginning in 1996, the ARISING Group has led with our strong principle of Innovation Management (IM). IM has set the ARISING Group apart from thousands of IT competitors. The ARISING Group’s IM principle creates new potential by transforming IT projects from cost centers into revenue lines, thus realizing true competitive advantage and sustainable growth for our client firms during any economic climate.

The ARISING Group has been trusted to manage, organize and implement the technical aspects of successful businesses. Our products perform valuable time and money saving tasks in many industries including Major Financial Institutions, Online Operations (dot-com), education and Law Firms.

Our Mission

In our name is our mission: we are about enabling our Clients to rise in their business performance, to soar in creating customer value, to fly high and stay aloft in tough competitive times.

We do it by smart, disciplined I.T. practices, honed over two decades, that are lean and focused on gaining market advantage for our Clients.

We are fanatics for on-time performance and system quality (with a 99.99% Uptime rating). We are not just software specialists; we deeply understand user experience, process and scalability that can support the growth.

Core Principles

Innovation Management (IM) is a core principle for the ARISING Group. We examine a company’s technology and know-how, to provide decision makers with vital and efficient IT Innovation Management that will realize true sustainable growth.

Innovation is not a secret; it is openness to creative improvement within the individual, the team and the enterprise by leveraging technology with software with inspired applications.

At the ARISING Group, we believe that proper IT utilization is a dynamic function—not a static proposition. Companies whose growth outstrips their competition embrace innovation as their constant and push themselves, their resources and their support systems to create new and measurable value for their customers and their stakeholders.

Innovation can be used to advance a company and sometimes change the game. Smart companies expect Innovation that advances and strive for game-changing Innovation. This balancing requires that the underlying IT system for the enterprise embrace the same principle—and that it be a priority for the enterprise at all times.

Your future growth will be greatly influenced by the decisions that you make. Companies which shrink or try to ride out the uncertainties or challenges of these times may suffer long term loss of market share and momentum. Gains are always available for astute companies—especially those which recognize that all market cycles offer huge opportunities. The more severe the cycle, the greater the true opportunities that exist for the companies which embrace Innovation as a principle—and manage Innovation for the benefit of their stakeholders.

Our Team

Jeffrey Huang

Jeffrey Huang is Founder and CEO of the ARISING Group, Inc.
When other technology companies were failing during the dot com economic slump, Jeff led the ARISING Group to success in creating and implementing powerful, practical and cost-efficient technology solutions for both Fortune 1000 and entrepreneurial companies. He has proven to be a visionary business leader, building a company reputation for reliability, honesty and hard work. World Journal, the premier Chinese language newspaper in the United States, has called Jeff Huang “the next technology star” and the “kung fu master of computer technology.”

His combination of the critical and the creative has proven to be successful for the ARISING Group. Although educated in Electrical Engineering at the State University of Stony Brook, Jeff’s real talent is the kind of blending of left and right brain thinking that led to the birth of innovative technology products and services.

Jeff also has a knack for investment and fundraising in the capital markets and has helped to fund several start-ups this way. His acquisition of foreign investment has, in its own discrete way, been a positive contributor to the U.S. balance of trade!

Joan Wong

All new projects and client innovations entail specialized packaging and presentation to every stakeholder and constituent at the client so as to assure that the innovation is fully understood and utilized across the entire enterprise.

This challenge entails internal corporate communications as well as external consumer marketing, public relations and even investor relations. The look, feel, utility and user friendliness of a new project requires keen creative skills as well as a sensitivity to cultural, language or even political nuances which may exist for the client.

Joan Wong joined our Group in 2005 to lead the marketing and design team. Her initiatives established a quality assurance program for all web design projects, including UI/UX usability, search engine optimization, web standards compliance, testing and debugging. Ms. Wong also developed marketing and web positioning strategies for internal and external clients to improve user experience and customer loyalty over the Internet.

Ms. Wong uses her expertise in art and communications to produce the right combination of images, colors and text to focus clients’ message and brand, and reach their targeted audience. Ms. Wong oversees the design and development of project development, content management systems and user interfaces (UI/UX). Her excellent writing skills and command of several languages gives Joan the ability to craft just the right message to attract the attention of search engines and customers.

Wen Liang

Mr. Liang is our senior technology integrator whose primary function is to match the internal systems and capabilities of our group to the custom needs of the new project as interpreted by the planning and design leaders.

At ARISING, Wen has managed the design and launch of several large, high profile projects in the Financial Industry including an Original Issue Discount (OID) analytical engine for bonds and CMOs. Mr Liang also designed and built the Transfer Pricing Analytical Toolkit (TPAT), an engine that pulls data from four financial databases, cross-analyzes multiple companies on scores of business ratios and produces 14 reports for the auditors. TPAT reduced CPA manpower requirements from 5 days, to 7 seconds per company analyzed. A Canadian economist who viewed TPAT in action called it “a powerful and elegant tool”.

Wen Liang has broad experience in information technology including database design, analysis and data mining. His early work includes the Mitre Corporation where he developed a visual data reduction and analysis tool for the FAA Technical Center’s data system. Later, at the Advanced Telecommunication Institute, Mr. Liang simulated and analyzed a Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) network using an Optical Network simulation package for the US Navy. Mr. Liang is also an expert in networking design and system administration and has managed global networks for Bell Atlantic (now Verizon) and multiple online security brokerage firms.

Christine Ku

Christine Ku joined the Group in 1998 as Director of Finance.
Ms. Ku began her professional career on Wall Street assisting with financial quantitative analysis and research at Kidder Peabody and Jacobs Levy Equity Management. She also worked at Bloomberg Financial where her programming skills were used for creating a new platform to trade financial instruments as well as electronic trading ticket design and optimization of trading system outputs.

Ms. Ku brings her personal skills and experiences to her work. She is native-born Taiwanese, trained in the disciplines of Western finance, active as an entrepreneurial investor and manager. Her understanding of complex financial instruments and deal structures has enabled the ARISING Group to prosper through the fluctuations in markets and the economy. Throughout the recent upheavals in the financial industry and the resulting disruptions in the IT practice, Ms. Ku’s consistent optimism has reinforced the buoyant energy of the Innovation team.

Davy Wong

Davy is an expert in both design and hands-on in large scale modern infrastructure deployment. He has worked extensively on Amazon AWS infrastructure and traditional hosting facilities. From high availability system to high performance website, he has launched these critical platform and has achieved the highest uptime that’s above the industry standard. Davy also lead the launch of service platforms for 24×7 corporate service platform such as CRM system.

Justin Li

Justin has more than 15 years in handson software development. He has lead the development of many software development and successfully complete all the projects. His works are featured daily as customers are interacting with software he has built. He has spent extensive hands-on development is modern software architecture, from large data storage design to high speed web application.